STAGE 1 - Saint Jean Pied de Port - Roncesvalles



Today begins your Way. We are in the busiest pilgrimage route, belonging to the French Way, which starts in the called Gate of Santiago and from where we will be engaged on an ascent that will take us from 450 meters to reach the Leopoeder Hill. It is true that the difference of over 1200 meters will be very hard, but I promise a reward. You have no idea of how you can feel having a good stew after a day in which at times you wonder who sent you to spend your holiday killing yourself. Of course, be careful with the cold and the fog. Have a good equipment. It is not a joke.

Take it easy and dose your strength, this stage is tough and we still have 25 kilometers to walk until we arrive to Roncesvalles. In the mountains, the french troops crossed the border through Napoleon’s route in their attempt to conquer Spain. Once we reach Leopoeder, el Camino gives you a break: you will see breathtaking views, seeing Roncesvalles in the horizon. Take a break and breath deeply, you are arriving to Roncesvalles. With its traditional hunt gastronomy and their seasonal products, you can not leave without trying not only its boar stew, but also its deer, roe deer and its shepherd crumbs. Do not forget its stirred perretxikos and the sheep cheese. Keep in mind that this is an area dedicated to shepherding! For dessert, please, try their curd. It is worthwile, isn’t it?


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