STAGE 25 - O Cebreiro – Triacastela



After entering in Galicia and having enjoyed those wonderful stocks and these steak, your next stop is Triacastela, a small town in county Sarria, where we recommend you to stop along the way to recharge your energy and continue enjoying the incredible variety of dishes offered by Galicia.

The wild natural landscape is spectacular. Triacastela is surrounded by mountains and the scenery is really beautiful. Among trails, you will reach the top of San Roque and Ato del Poio where we recommend you to stop to take a sandwich with Remedios. The arrival to Triacastela was before very difficult, but now they had fixed that infinite descent, and what was once a torture for the knees, is now a frugal walk. Once in Triacastela, the village of the three castles, also enjoy many other things offered by this Galician village. Do not forget to visit its baroque church with romanesque origin where the priest, involved with the pilgrim, has prayers in more than 20 languages. In the church of Cancelo an altar from the Renaissance (XV century) is still preserved, while in the church of San Salvador remained one of the few ‘abrideiras’ virgins.  Let’s discover them.


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