STAGE 18 - El Burgo Ranero – León



Ready for a new and exciting stage? Lace up your sneakers, fill your backpack of energy and be dazzled over the next 37 kilometers. It seems like a tough stage, right? Do not worry! The first 19 kilometers will go through an incredible wooded plain, so do not let the buckling load beat you and enjoy the scenery around you. After the effort, reaching Leon is the finishing touch to end the day.

Once you arrive to the streets of Leon, you will forget about your fatigue and you will want to explore every corner. Leon has much to offer. The very center of tapas and good food is the Barrio Húmedo, in the heart of the city, between Calle Ancha and the Cathedral, where the medieval walls hold many of the best places to eat throughout the city.

There are so many bars and restaurants that you will not know where to start, so we recommend you not to prepare food or dinner because you will get out of here with at least one trouser button unbottoned. You should be aware that with every drink you order you get a free tapa. A perfect excuse not to lose any of their flagship products. The dried meat, the famous blood sausage or the chorizo from León are just some of the ingredients you will find on the pinchos.

Barrio Húmedo is an unique and very welcoming scenery for sightseeing while your palate enjoys the cuisine from León.


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