STAGE 3 - Zubiri - Pamplona



Your next stage begins looking for the first county capital you will find. You will walk next to the Arga River during all the way. A great way to free your mind and relax while you listen to the water running and go through beautiful mountain villages.

Navarra is a community with a very wide geographical diversity, and this has an influence on its cuisine. In Pamplona you will find an impressive variety of food and a long list of great restaurants. A cuisine with a high reputation for its variety and quality. Oh! And don’t forget its famous pintxos! Do you think you’ll be able to try them all?

Perhaps it’s dinnertime, the ideal moment to stroll through the center of Pamplona and try these little delights. To do this, go to the following streets: San Nicolas, Comedia, San Gregorio , Estafeta and Plaza del Castillo. There where you’ll find loads of bars with endless pintxos. Jump from one to another, try them, ask, practice this local custom known as “chiquiteo” and be inmersed in the atmosphere of the city, its culture, its streets and its people.

You can’t leave Pamplona without sitting at the table, without enjoying its traditional food and without trying its vegetables stew, pochas beans, piperades or mixed stuffed dishes. Neither without its famous torta de txantxigorri (pastry made of lard, bread dough and sugar). With all this we make sure to have filled the stomach and recovered energy for the next stage. ¡The perfect end of the stage!


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