STAGE 17 - Terradillos de los Templarios – El Burgo Ranero

El Burgo Ranero

El Burgo Ranero

You are facing a land of huge agricultural tracts without steep slopes. In the middle of the stage you will reach Sahagun, where you can appreciate the moorish art in the churches of San Tirso and San Lorenzo. The fact is that in this area lived mudejars and jews who left an unvaluable architectural culture that can still be seen when you walk its streets.

After leaving Sahagún you will walk among large paths covered by oak trees that will accompany you during the trip until you arrive to a large plain where El Burgo Ranero is. Here you will find all the necessary services for the pilgrim plus a few restaurants where I assure you will eat very, very well.

Here, remember if you have time to go through the lagoon “laguna de la manzana”, one of the favorite places by pilgrims and where the best pictures of sunsets are taken.


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