STAGE 27 - Sarria – Portomarín



You continue subtracting stages and kilometers. On the banks of Miño River, going through some lovely villages, climbed some stairs and crossed a huge bridge, you will find Portomarín.

In 1963, this village was moved stone by stone to a new settlement because the last one was flooded by the construction of a new dam. In late summer, coinciding with the decline of the flow of the river you can discover those old ruins that survive flooded the passing of time.  You should visit the Romanesque church of St. Nicholas and the Church of San Pedro, the Pazo da Maza Conde and the Pazo of Berbeteros, plus an arch of Roman bridge that today stands at the entrance of the villa.

If you are lucky enough to be here on any Sunday, do not forget to go to one of their folk Sundays. A perfect place to discover local traditions and try its cuisine.


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