STAGE 4 - Pamplona/Iruña – Puente La Reina/Gares

Puente La Reina

Puente La Reina

Au revoir Pamplona! It is time to stop chiquiteo and be prepared for another tough climb to the Alto del Perdon (top of Forgiveness), evocative name for the Spirit of pilgrimage and where you will share great views next to the windmills. But nothing will be a steep slope knowing that just five kilometers away, you will arrive to a region especially known for its roasted food. Cizur Menor is appreciated for its good food but its also known for preserving some of the most spectacular romanesque churches.

Be prepared for, once in Alto del Perdon, have a good 360-degree sight with the Pyrenean mountains to the north, and with large grain fields to the south. You’re in the exactly place where it is said that “the way of the wind crosses with the way of the stars”.

Time to descend. Take it easy; you know that all your effort will bring a reward. So don’t think about how hard is the way and start to imagine what you’ll find when you reach Puente la Reina. A superb cuisine specialized in the preparation of meat combined with unique ingredients that made Puente la Reina a wonderful option to explore the cuisine of Navarra. It makes you mouth-watering, right?


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