STAGE 22 - Foncebadón – Molinaseca-Ponferrada



Today you have 27 kilometers ahead of you, but when you leave Foncebadón, for sure, you will have an energy boost. Having walked one kilometer from Foncebadón, you will see at the back la cruz del ferro, the highest point of all the french way. It was tradition, hundreds of years ago, that the pilgrims brought a pebble with them from their place of origin and, upon reaching the top, they placed it at the foot of the cross when they saw Galicia. Many locals say it is a magical, special place, full of energy. In fact, many of the pilgrims who come here confirm this and take advantage of the stop, not only to rest, but to meditate, to reflect, and to find themselves in a place that in a foggy day, seems to be enchanted.

After spending time with yourself and your thoughts, you will begin to descend immersed in a stunning scenery and while you arrive to Acebo, you will be entering in El Bierzo. As you can see, you leave behind the vast castilian plain to change radically your sight. You receive the Aquilanos and Morredero mountains, leaving behind Mount Teleno.

A beautiful romanesque stone bridge crosses the Meruelo river as it passes through Molinaseca. A bridge which has been crossed by millions of pilgrims over the centuries on this route of the french way. The seven arches bridge and an old stone cross mark the Jacobean tradition of this small village, which today is the destiny of your stage. After 20 kilometers you reach this village with emblazoned shield houses, quiet streets and balconies with flowers. If your visit takes place in the summer, you will be a lucky one. The Meruelo river forms in this beautiful town a river beach where you can take a refreshing and deserved swim. And then, refreshed, you will be encouraged to get to Ponferrada and visit the castle, the most important of the Templar order. Be sure to take a stroll through the old town and of course, taste their variety of wines. They have a great variety of pinchos included on the price while you enjoy your desired wine.

You are in a stage where it is going to be hard to choose where to eat because you have a more than succulent offer! Oh, and if you are in El Bierzo, before lunch or dinner, you have to go to try some wines to know the Mencia variety, which is loved by the national and international experts.

Route of wines by the upper area

We propose you a route in the high part of Ponferrada, starting with Gatopardo (Saturnino Cachon, 14), followed by ElOtroBar (Saturnino Cachon, 1), then through La destilería (Calle Obispo Osmundo, 5) and from there go to the town hall square and pass through La Cañería, Zorebi, KigKong and after that, at the calle del reloj, you will find many more like Escandalera and of course, El bodegón, where is mandatory to stop and try their patatas bravas. Then, finish at Las Cuadras. It is one of the possible routes but there are countless charming places that are worth a visit where a local wine is given to you accompanied with a tasty local pincho. And if you want to know some of the wineries in the area, look at the wine section of the Camino where we make you suggestions.


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