STAGE 12 - Agés – Burgos



Maybe, after all of these small towns traveled, you are looking forward to reaching to a big city where you should find many restaurants and unique spaces, cultural heritage and a lot of people. Burgos is waiting for you with all of that and more, but until you arrive, take your time to enjoy one of the most beautiful and interesting stages over the way.

Near Agés is one of the most famous places in the country. Declared heritage of humanity, Atapuerca hosts some of the most important archaeological discoveries. Do not miss the opportunity to meet our ancestors by visiting one of the most impressive archaelogical site worldwide.

After visiting Atapuerca, the route runs between rocky roads and mountains where from the top, you will discover one of the most breathtaking views along the way: it is Burgos, a city founded in 884 but with traces of having been settled in the Neolithic.

You will go through several small villages like Villalval, Cardeñuela Riopico or Orbaneja Riopico, all very accustomed to pilgrims, so they will make your stay here very cozy.

Burgos is the great reward. What can be said about a city with one of the most famous cathedrals in the world. Inside the Cid’s tomb gives an account of that.

Burgos has an artistic and cultural heritage which is almost unmanageable. We invite you to enjoy their wonderful cuisine and embark yourself on an adventure that will take you from Romanesque to Gothic.


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