STAGE 5 - Puente La Reina/Gares – Estella



During this stage you’ll continue walking parallel to the Arga river, which will be with you for five kilometers more. You will walk between old Roman roads and you’ll be inmersed in the smell and taste of its wine tradition. You are a few kilometers from La Rioja and it starts to be felt when crossing the first vineyards.

Just a steep slope before reaching the village of Mañeru will demand you a little effort. To do this you can go to La Fonda de Tito or La Bella Época, where the lamb ribs will delight everyone who arrives to Mañeru. What about having a wonderful cider chorizo?

Your stomach demands you to sit in a restaurant table but our recommendation is to continue 2 more kilometers to Cirauqui: One of the prettiest villages in the entire route, you’ll also enjoy vegetables from its own garden, like artichokes, salted lamb chops or sauced pigeon. Try the stewed rabbit in the restaurant Los Cazadores, one of the best! This traditional and delicious dish will provide you all the necessary energy to continue the remaining 14 kilometers to Estella.

After this long journey you will have reached Estella tired but at the perfect time to enjoy a good meal and a good rest. Estella has a varied and rich qualified cuisine.


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