STAGE 28 - Portomarín – Palas de Rei

Palas de Rei

Palas de Rei

You’re not in a difficult stage. Its 22.4 kilometers are not going to be a personal challenge walking uphill among the lush forests of chestnut, oak and pine tres. Any effort here will be always be more enjoyable. You are already facing one of the lasts stages of the Way and its last kilometers, so you should not miss the opportunity to admire all that this magnificent place gives you. Artistic, natural and of course, culinary heritage. Remains of forts, towers, castles, palaces and emblazoned houses are just some of the buildings you’ll find along the way.

After advancing a bit, you’ll reach Ligonde where the stone cross of Lameiros will welcome you. It is a religious monument of 1670 and one of the best preserved in Galicia, but until the end of the stage, in Palas de Rei, you will not finally enjoy good food. Curiously, it is striking that in this Church of Vilar de Donas was the burial place of the Knights Templar of the Order of Santiago. So if you are fascinated by these stories, be sure to go to this building dedicated to protect and defend the Camino de Santiago and its pilgrims.


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