THE STARTING LINE - Saint Jean Pied de Port - Roncesvalles

The Way that we are proposing takes care of you in all the ways. Welcome to an incredible Camino where your feet effort will be rewarded with a feast for one’s belly and pure pleasure for your nose and your eyes.

We start our journey in the french town called Saint Jean Pied de Port. This is the first step of this adventure which you are going to enjoy through the 781 kilometers that still separate us from Compostela. Before starting your Camino, we are going to recommend you places where you can eat like a king or sleep as a prince. El Camino is made to be fully enjoyable, and in the end of every stage you will cry with emotion while you taste their local stews or dazzle for its welcoming, picturesque and warm places created to sleep in. Also, if you want to try, we are going to show you a wine selection pairing in every stage. We want you to discover an unforgettable Authentic Camino.


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