STAGE 26 - Triacastela – Sarria



Continue your route to Santiago and then you will get into one of the most incredible and green stages. Open your eyes during the 18 kilometers of this route because you’re going to freak out with the Corredoiras or vegetation tubes that you are going to cross. You have two choices, go through Samos or through Sanxil, but unfortunately we can not tell you which is more beautiful because they are both spectacular. The Samos monastery is impressive but then you have to walk five more kilometers and Sanxil is very cool, so it’s up to you!

At the end of the stage, after having lunch on the way, you will find Sarria, a village composed by many Romanesque churches. This village is where many pilgrims begin their Camino because it is just over 100 km to Santiago (the mínimum distance to obtain the Camino’s oficial certified if you go walking) and because it has a good communication system. We highlight the building who is watching the city from the top, the Tower of the Fort of the marquises of Sarria. You are going to enter through Vigo de Sarria. There you will find some of the places we recommend.


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