STAGE 8 - Logroño – Nájera



With your stomach full of food and the pain of having to leave this great city, it’s time to say goodbye to Logroño on the way to Nájera. The stage will not be very difficult although you have to walk almost 30 kilometers. It doesn’t matter! The path is without climbs or steep slopes. It’s nice to see how the wind rocks the landscape, it seems unreal. And when you get there, you’ll read “Peregrino en Najera, Najerino !!” (A pilgrim in Nájera, Najerian) in a sign to welcome you to this city. You can have an idea of ​​how pilgrims are greeted in this small town.

Halfway it is highly advisable to take a break in Navarrete, famous for its potteries and for having been the place where major battles between Castile and Navarre took place (which gives the appearance of great strength). What about having a break? And what if we do it with good pot of chickpeas? Begoña prepares them masterfully. We will find it in the Sports Bar. It is a very charming and accustomed place to the pilgrim.

With a full stomach, all that remains is the descent to Nájera, so it will be a good opportunity to help your stomaches digest while you relax walking through its vast fields of vineyards and admiring the impressive monastery of Santa María la Real, which was founded in 1052 (and around which the entire city rotates).


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