STAGE 2 - Roncesvalles – Zubiri



It is time to say goodbye to the wonderful Roncesvalles and its magnificent Pyrenean landscapes. But you still have many other things to see and enjoy. Amazing sights as forests, vineyards and the countryside. The history through the Great Templar Castles and a wealth of new flavors. Now, you start a new adventure in Navarra with many plans to discover. Here we offer only the best. Open your eyes because this has just begun.

Now, you get ready for a new stage known as “leg-breaking” because of its long descent paths and its pronounced slopes. But, as in each of them, this sacrifice will bring you its rewards. You will find the first one in the wonderful forest of Sorgintaritza, popularly known as “the oak of witches” since, in the sixteenth century, it was the place were several people accused of witchcraft were sentenced to be burned. So, walking between spells and the luxuriance of its oaks, you will discover one of the most charming places in this stage. It sounds funny, right?

Perhaps witchcraft stories have whet your appetite, and Zubiri is where you will take your first steps around the gastronomy of Navarra. Do you know that in Zubiri, a small village of only 400 inhabitants, you can find one of the best chistorras? Here are the best places to start discovering the wide range of the Navarran cuisine.


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