STAGE 6 - Estella – Torres Del Río

Torres Del Río

Torres Del Río

You are facing one of the longest stages of the way. This 29-kilometer route will test you. Check your footwear and fill the water bottle before leaving because it will be several kilometers to find another water source on the road. Do this especially if it’s summer because you can find very high temperatures.

Your first steps will be walked between vineyards and olive groves, great plains where it’s difficult to find civilization. Not until reaching the village of Ayegui, where you can fill your bottle in the ‘ Wine Fountain ‘, from which flows water…but also wine!

With the thirst quenched and once near Villamayor de Monjardin, come to the restaurant El Castillo, where historical ruins of Deyo’s Castle stand and where you can taste the food specialties of the area. Do not miss the asparagus , the steak and the roast suckling pig . A real delight.

From here the route moves between lush forests and cereal fields. Torres del Río awaits you with one of the great jewels of the way, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, a Roman building of the twelfth century and one of the best Templar buildings around the Camino de Santiago. You can visit by calling Mari Carmen (626 325 691). Admission costs one euro.


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