STAGE 30 - Arzúa – Pedrouzo



You are very close to the finish line! Just 40 kilometers separate you from Compostela and probably you are starting to feel the characteristic nervousness of a pilgrim who is only a few kilometers far from the finish line. You are at the last stop before arriving, so let yourself go through this route which will be smooth and flat and that runs between oak and eucalyptus trees, toggling light and spacious meadows with shady areas where the dense forest will almost plunge you in the darkness.

This is the latest effort, but do not get carried away by nerves and haste, take it easy because, although milder than previous stages, they are still 40 kilometers!. It is therefore advisable to make a stop somewhere halfway. To do this we propose you O Pino or O Pedrouzo, a good place to end this next to last stage which is already at an affordable distance from Santiago and where you can find many bars and amenities for the pilgrim.


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