STAGE 20 - San Martín del Camino – Astorga



After crossing the river Esla through the famous bridge Passo Honroso, although having done a few kilometers, for sure that you will have enjoyed a very pleasant landscape between ditches and infinite agriculture fields, typical of the Castilian lands. One of the most rewarding points of this stage is the cruise of Santo Toribio, where the viewpoint San Justo de la Vega is situated and from which you can see the impressive city of Astorga and the mount that oversees it, Mount Teleno.

That is the prize of this stage, reaching the city of Astorga. The historical and artistic heritage is immense in Astorga. It has seven declared points of cultural interest. Plan a route through the city and do not miss any of its most famous monuments: the Cathedral of Santa Maria, the Episcopal Palace, the Estrágula Romana, the City Council … and, of course, the Gaudí Palace.

The best thing to do when you reach Astorga is to have lunch at any of the restaurants we suggest you. Astorga offers a unique cuisine throughout the region, with typical dishes and products that you can only find here.


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